Medicare 101 Workshop Schedule

Medicare Made Clear(er)

These are educational workshops for those who want to learn about Medicare.  Perhaps you are approaching age 65, or you have continued to work past age 65, but are looking at retiring from the workforce and want to know "Now What?"

** This is an Educational Workshop. No sales talk. Individual companies or plans will not be discussed.

This is an interactive meeting.

Questions are welcome. I want to make sure when we end, you have a good understaning of how Medicare works and what you need to do and when.

  • This workshop will give an overview of the different parts of Medicare (Parts A, B, C, D, and supplements), what they cover, and how they work.
  • There will be a discussion of the different ways enrollees can receive their benefits. We will also cover enrollment and eligibility guidelines, plus information about critical timelines and resources
  • This workshop covers the critical dates and time frames, as well as dispelling some of the common misconceptions about Medicare

COVID-19 Special Information! During this time, there are some changes to how you need to apply for Medicare. We will go over those requirements.

NOTE: The presenter is not connected with the Federal Medicare
For privacy reasons these meetings are not recorded so, there will be no Replays available

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All times are in the pacific time zone.


Sept 1st 6:00pm

Sept 8th 6:00pm

Sept 15th 6:00pm

Sept 22nd 12:00 Noon

Sept 29th 12:00 Noon



Oct 5th 6:00pm

More to come as we enter into the open enrollment time


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*Neither “SA Insurance” nor Steve Abrams is connected with the Federal Medicare Program.

Medicare 101 Workshop Schedule
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